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By nighT !
Let me intro­duce myself.. Lucien Lafayette, BDSM-Escort from Berlin. Dom­i­nant and queer, heav­en and hell, alpha and omega, mas­ter and mas­tress, domi­nus and dom­i­na­trix, lady and Lucifer, las­civ­i­ous and lethal. I am exact­ly what a life full of lust and kink has made of me. And what I can give, is to take you with me in there for a while. On a jour­ney into the deep­est abysses and high­est joys of the human soul. To a place where all our dark desires find ful­fill­ment and every moment is unfor­get­table. Where kinky dreams become deli­cious real­i­ty. I also take care that noth­ing hap­pens to you that you do not enjoy and that you return safe­ly. So dare to read on… If it pleas­es you, get in touch. If not, then also. 
Since I am very proud of what i am and I always stand up for my wicked life, I am often asked why I have cho­sen this pro­fes­sion. The answer: “Because I can!” Because BDSM is my life and shar­ing it is the most mean­ing­ful thing I ever did. Because I can’t do a job that makes peo­ple more hap­py and gives them a bet­ter life. And above all: Because it is not real­ly a job. It is my cul­ture. It’s the world I have cre­at­ed and fought for and which grows a lit­tle bit more with every evil act.
In my case, it’s just a lit­tle more than a hob­by in the bed­room. And what bet­ter thing to do than to make your hob­by your pro­fes­sion? ‑Make it your life and then make it your job. In my life there was nev­er a moment when I dis­cov­ered SM for me. It accom­pa­nies me longer than I can think. At the age of 13 I start­ed to explore this world. In the mean­time I look back on 21 years of expe­ri­ence, edu­ca­tion and research, bit I still grow every day and I am all­ways look­ing for­ward to new play part­ners to dis­cov­er this won­der­full world togeth­er. Because every new slave and every humans soul is unique and a new jor­ney for me. So i am look­ing for­ward to get to know yours. 
Eman­ci­pa­tion is not a one-way street. That is why I reject het­ero­nor­ma­tive role mod­els. I con­sid­er Gen­der nei­ther as a bina­ry or lin­ear nor social premise but as a per­son­al and indi­vid­ual con­struc­tion. I am not female beause i wear high­heels or make­up and i am not male because i fuck like a mon­ster. Theese are things every human bee­ing can do, no mat­ter what they have between thi­er legs. So I unite all attrib­ut­es enjoy in my exis­tence, with­out giv­ing a shit for social rules of Gen­der. Mas­cu­line – fem­i­nine – androg­y­nous – I don’t care! I am the best of everything. 
I don’t care if you call me lord or mis­tress, as long as you kneel when my name comes over your lips. Your gen­der is always wel­come, what­ev­er it may be. I have been allowed to be so close to so many peo­ple and to have such inti­mate moments with them as hard­ly any­one else. And in that moment when they blush in shame, beg for mer­cy and mer­cy, let them­selves fall com­plete­ly into tor­ture or give up com­plete­ly in humil­i­ty, live out their inner­most being and look into mine with tear­ful­ly faith­ful eyes; in that moment all men are equal to each other. 
& factS
To my and your plaesure I am blessed with a body that suc­cess­ful­ly defies the laws of biol­o­gy. Thanks to hours of beau­ty care and all sorts of phys­i­cal train­ing, in the end the most adorable myth­i­cal crea­ture in Berlin comes out. In num­bers this means:

Almost two meters high. In heels even up to 2,15m. So we are only at eye lev­el when you hang. You will always have to look up to me. And it should nev­er be otherwise. 

With 18.5, I call the Euro­pean Body Mass Index for fash­ion mod­els my own. I also have the appro­pri­ate diva behav­iour. My wardrobe offers only exquis­ite and tai­lor-made fetish­wear in all col­ors, pro­vid­ed it is black. 

My body mea­sures almost two square meters of sur­face area, and this is as del­i­cate and pure as it can be. I have about 5 mil­lion hairs and each one of them does exact­ly what I want. Most of it is epi­lat­ed and the rest always looks good. Why do I, as a Dom, place so much val­ue on my pure skin and per­fect hair? ‑Because it’s just awesome! 

Even if I don’t like to brag about it but rather sur­prise spon­ta­neous­ly, I will have to write now and here what I have between my legs. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I am not allowed to show it for rea­sons of youth pro­tec­tion. If you want to see it, you will have to book me or sim­ply google my cock. So, yes. I have the mag­ic two-zero. With an aver­age diam­e­ter of 6.5cm, nice sym­met­ri­cal look, endurance like an ox and killer instinct like the bad wolf. So for me sex has always been more about slaugh­ter­ing than cud­dling. But don’t wor­ry: meat is stretched – not ripped. And even if SM is much more than just coitus, I can also just bang the soul out of your body for hours. 

These are the mea­sure­ments of my fin­gers and fist. Because even if some peo­ple would dare to con­tra­dict me, I per­son­al­ly con­sid­er my hands to be the most pre­cise tool to stim­u­late peo­ple into mad­ness. After many years of ded­i­cat­ed research work on liv­ing objects, I also find my way around all bod­ies quite well. 

My dai­ly require­ments of food. ‑Yes, I eat for two. ‑No, I am not preg­nant. I have a mon­ster metab­o­lism. Thanks to it, my body does not put on any fat, but imme­di­ate­ly builds up mus­cles. All you see between the skin and bones is mus­cle mass. So even if I don’t look like this, I am a great wrestler. So if you want to dance… With plea­sure, but I will have the lead! 

& rAPiSt
BDSM, four sim­ple let­ters. But behind them is so much more than you dare to believe when you enter this world for the first time. The offi­cial trans­la­tion is: »Bondage, Dom­i­nance, Dis­ci­pline, Sub­mis­sion, Sadism & Masoshism«. 
The true mean­ing includes all the pri­mal and soul­ful instincts in us for which is for­tu­nate­ly no place in our peace­ful life, but which are worth expe­ri­enc­ing: The adven­ture of expe­ri­enc­ing the high­est ecsta­sy in the most inhu­man depths of the human psy­che. A jour­ney into sit­u­a­tions from which we gath­er the most inti­mate joys. 
There­fore I con­sid­er myself as a trav­el guide and com­pan­ion into the soul of humans and offer an astral body, spe­cial­ized knowl­edge, much of expe­ri­ence and a bound­less­ly dirty and sadis­tic per­son­al­i­ty to expe­ri­ence this adven­tures togeth­er. And I love this adven­ture. I know to val­ue and han­dle the devo­tion my subs give me. I enjoy it so much and i use it for what­ev­er the slave deserves. For all those who long for domin­ion I am the own­er to whom they can trans­fer body and soul. The coun­ter­parts to dom­i­na­tion and sadism are care and devo­tion. So I too usu­al­ly pre­fer the scalpel to the bat­tleaxe. And whether I am your lov­ing or pun­ish­ing God depends on whether you have been good or need dis­ci­pline. To each one what he deserves. Some­one who leads you to joy with a strong hand and a hard cock or the one who does the one that hurts your soul and body the most..
& wOR­shIP
BDSM is not an appren­tice­ship. It all begins with the first we dream about fan­tasies of loos­ing con­trol, bee­ing forced, when we start to dis­cov­er our dark­est desires. If courage and curios­i­ty comes with it, years of excit­ing dis­cov­er­ies and devel­op­ments fol­low. In the end there is pas­sion and sci­ence about one of the most pow­er­ful aspekt of our cul­ture. It is much more than just sex­u­al vari­ety or the crazy idea of a few crazy peo­ple. It is noth­ing less than the wisodm of human inhu­man­i­ty. Who­ev­er under­stands this, will find even more lust and libido in it. Because inhu­man­i­ty can lead fur­ther than one could fol­low as a human being. Only if you loose you can gain what pain and slav­ery can give you. So loose con­trol and let your­self fall­en. He who at last los­es enough not to be more human receives what he could nev­er expe­ri­ence as a man. He who lets him­self be forced and com­mand­ed can do in this way what he would stand in his own way for alone. He who is so desired as he may be nowhere, can be who he must be some­times. Who­ev­er gives up self-deter­mi­na­tion, self-esteem, respon­si­bil­i­ty, pow­er of deci­sion, opin­ion and even will and lets the total pow­er of anoth­er take its place, finds the sim­plest state of great­est relaxation. 
If you are so fix­at­ed on your own­er that every­thing in life revolves around an absolute being, you feel a con­nec­tion that can be com­pared to the love for a god. And nobody is clos­er to his God than the one who licks his boots. So I have nev­er pos­sessed any­thing more valu­able than the life of anoth­er per­son. And I have always pos­sessed and used it with such ful­fill­ment. Only to be even clos­er to him, to touch him even deep­er. To see what nobody saw before me. The beau­ty of the facets of man that are so rare. 
Thus one can lose, give away and receive more in one of the most inti­mate dual­i­ty than it is pos­si­ble for humans today. Sure­ly this sounds like over­es­ti­ma­tion or hubris to some peo­ple. But every­one who fol­lowed his wet dream to the end found so many, so beau­ti­ful and so impor­tant parts of his life that enriched him more than any ejac­u­la­tion could ever do. On request I also apply BDSM for ther­a­peu­tic purposes. 
PAIN pain&
PLESAURE plea­sure
What I can do to you and what I can do to you can­not be put into words that could be pub­lished on Ger­man web­sites with­out annoy­ing age ver­i­fi­ca­tion. There­fore I have to cen­sor the fol­low­ing text accord­ing­ly and you can fill the cen­sor­ship bars again with the most friv­o­lous fan­tasies you can think of: 
Your body will belong to me. With skin and hair; With
. Your life will be in my hands. Your skin to be my can­vas. Your
my plea­sure. Your
my amuse­ment. Your
my toy. your mouth my
. My uri­nal is your
. And your ridicu­lous
will beg me to let you final­ly have
You will up and lick what I want. Por­tray what I throw to you. Suf­fer what you deserve. Expe­ri­ence what you need. You crawl, kneel,
, talk,
, eat,
where, how and when I com­mand. You will know and love noth­ing but my
. I will use your
and use you like
as I see fit and you will only be good
and me
. I will train you to become a
, a mare, a dog, a sis­sy, a
, a liv­ing fur­ni­ture, a
or a
. Trav­el to me even once to deny me the obe­di­ence and I will burn humil­i­ty in you. I take all of your
and give you
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»Wel­come to Berlin by night« by LuxLuxus // 07.03.2019, Berlin
Hard­core Porno by Lucien Lafayette
Of course there are also a lot of hard­core porn clips of me on the net. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I am not allowed to show or link them on my site for youth pro­tec­tion rea­sons, but any­one who can use a search engine should be able to find and enjoy them quite quickly. 
Just as lit­tle as our fetish­es, my offer can­not be put into words under nov­el length, which express­es what is behind it for us. But here are some genre terms, which describe in extracts what you can expe­ri­ence with me. Every­thing can, noth­ing must. Every­thing con­sen­su­al, noth­ing forbidden:
Analin­gus, ABDL, Age­play, Algo­phil­ia, AlphaMale, Ath­e­ma con­trol, Going out, Auto­g­ynophil­ia, Anx­i­ety games, Alche­my play, AV, Bas­ton­ade, Use, Shame, BDSM, Biastophil­ia, Bondage, Breath­play, Nip­ple treat­ment, Bull­whip, Can­ning, Cat­play, CBT, CT, CDNs, Chre­ma­tistophil­ia, cTPE, Cut­ting, Cuck­old­ing, Cock­Wor­ship, Degra­da­tion, Humil­i­a­tion, Depri­va­tion, DirtyTalk, Drill, Dil­do Games, D/s, Dog­gy­play, Dom­i­nance, Ecto­mor­phism, Edg­ing, EL, Elec­tro, Dehu­man­iza­tion, Degra­da­tion, Dress­ing, Evening care, Humil­i­a­tion, Edu­ca­tion, Event Vis­it, Exhi­bi­tion­ism, FS, Feed­ing, Fem­i­niza­tion, FF, Fist­ing, Forced(. . ), tor­ture, flog­ging, gen­der play, gen­der fuck­ing, sex­u­al inter­course, hand relax­ation, hodophil­ia, insul­ta­tion, can­nu­las, catheter, chasti­ty, clin­ic, clismaphil­ia, KV, latex, long term edu­ca­tion, liv­ing fur­ni­ture, leather, leak­age slave, House and hotel ser­vice, Menage á Trois, milk­ing, mum­mi­fi­ca­tion, NS, objec­ti­fi­ca­tion, Omorashi, online edu­ca­tion, out­door, pet­play, pis­s­play, pub­lic, PP, Predator/Prey, mind games, prostate mas­sage, smok­ing, stim­u­la­tion cur­rent, RBP, cane, role plays, Sadism, men­tal cru­el­ty, shame games, shoe, boot, heel, sneak­er, sock, nylon and foot fetish, spank­ing, spit­ting, sis­sy­fi­ca­tion, slu­ti­fi­ca­tion, Stock­holm Syn­drome, SM, toi­let games, toi­let, tor­ture, titt­Tor­ture Tram­pling, TT, over­pow­er­ing, sub­mis­sion, uri­nal, uropha­gia, ver­bal eroti­cism, ver­bal humil­i­a­tion, rape plays, seduc­tion, inter­ro­ga­tion, Vomerophilie, demon­stra­tion, Water­board­ing, Water­sports, Wax­ing, Wrestling, stran­gling, compulsion,. . 
..just to men­tion what I am allowed to put into my mouth here accord­ing to the law for the pro­tec­tion of minors. All oth­er prac­tices, which I am not allowed to name pub­licly, but which I am allowed to prac­tice on you, I also offer almost all of them. So just write to me and ask if you miss some­thing, compulsion,.. 
& TriB­utE
I love this job. All the more I hate infe­ri­or work. That’s why I like to take time for my peo­ple and their sub­mis­sion and don’t ham­pee through half-heart­ed ses­sions until the time clock sounds. Because our fetish­es are so diverse and different, 
it is not pos­si­ble to esti­mate all ser­vices on a flat-rate and bind­ing basis. So prices are always in agree­ment Tell me your dirty fan­tasies, I’m hap­py to hear them and then I can say what it takes to real­ize them. 
Every god needs his Olym­pus, every slave his cage, every dog his hut and every sow her sta­ble. That’s why I work togeth­er with the best SM-Stu­dios in Berlin to take you to the right realm. How­ev­er, I feel at home in almost every ambi­ence and I am ready for action every­where. I vis­it you with a tool- and weapon case in your chic hotel room or in your famil­iar four walls. Kid­nap you in the most infa­mous or most famous clubs. Accom­pa­ny you from the opera to sail­ing trips, wher­ev­er we have fun. I also enjoy play­ing out­doors. And even in pub­lic I know no shame. Over the years I have become so cru­el­ly good at mak­ing every spot in this world a part of my world. 
So there is no place where you would be safe from me. Even your liv­ing room you can expe­ri­ence with me from a com­plete­ly new per­spec­tive. You can find me in Stu­dio Lux, Stu­dio Tar­tarus and Res­i­dence Aval­on. In these loca­tions we have a total of eigh­teen indi­vid­ual play­rooms, each one fur­nished with all the fur­ni­ture you could pos­si­bly need to live our cul­ture. In addi­tion, we have a whole arse­nal of sex toys, ten­stoys, latex clothes, clin­ic acces­sories, tor­ture tools, restric­tive mate­r­i­al and all kinds of spe­cial inven­tions that make my mouth water. So I have from clin­ic to dun­geon always the place where you belong for you. In the fol­low­ing a small selec­tion of my possibilities. 
  • The clas­sic dun­geon where you are raised to a life as my per­son­al slave. You will obey me to the let­ter and be avail­able as a boot clean­er, lick slave, ash­tray or liv­ing fur­ni­ture. From now on your life will revolve only around me and will be total­ly deter­mined by me in every sin­gle aspect. 
  • The roman­tic stu­dio where you will expe­ri­ence a night you will nev­er for­get. At full moon by can­dle­light, you will do and be done to your­self what you have always dreamed of or nev­er dared to dream. Whether with SM or just with me and my queer body does­n’t mat­ter. The main thing is us. 
  • The hard steel room, where I will do all kinds of amuse­ments and mis­deeds on your slave dick and/or lit­tle ass that you have nev­er expe­ri­enced before. Already after the half ses­sion you will beg me to let you come. If you are good, you will have an orgasm at the end which is more than worth it. 
  • The pink sis­sy room, where we dress you up as a cheap hook­er in high heels and short skirt and then present you to the gen­tle­men, ladies and trans* of the stu­dio. You will serve and spoil us when­ev­er and how­ev­er we want and for all our needs. 
  • The dark cel­lar dun­geon. You are over­whelmed and kid­napped. When the sack is pulled off your head again, you are in my cell wing, where you are being mus­tered and impris­oned under mil­i­tary drill. Until you are led to the bizarre inter­ro­ga­tion to tell me every­thing I want to hear or to suf­fer every­thing it takes until your mouth works as it should. 
  • The latex lab­o­ra­to­ry. Here I wear your Latex­Trau­mOut­fit and I also pack you motion­less to stim­u­late you into mad­ness. Tight­ly wrapped in latex, strict­ly fixed, breath con­trolled, con­nect­ed to fuck­ing- and milk­ing machines as well as elec­tri­cal equip­ment. And that for hours… until you are just a hap­py pile of flesh. 
  • The rus­tic wood­en room in whose four-poster bed you will be shot to heav­en­ly heights. Fresh sheets on which I will attack you like the bad wolf. Long and intense, until your brains are gone from your body. Because some­times it just takes two excit­ed bod­ies to be car­ried away into ecstasy. 
  • The authen­tic clin­ic. Med­ical stan­dards and bizarre prac­tice. Your naked body will first be thor­ough­ly and exten­sive­ly exam­ined, so that all kinds of treat­ments can be per­formed on and in it. With the rig­or of a head doc­tor and all the care of a nurse. 
  • The noble office of your supe­ri­or. Here you will be avail­able to your boss for the abuse of pow­er. Let your­self be seduced by the leader. You will be sex­u­al­ly harassed. Under the desk between my legs. On the desk with spread legs at my ser­vice. Sleep up or quit – your career choice. 
  • The tor­ture cel­lar where you will expe­ri­ence and suf­fer all tor­ture tech­niques from Span­ish Inqui­si­tion to mod­ern water­board­ing. Stretch­ing bench, hang­ing bondage, cru­ci­fix­ion, spank­ing with all tools from the bare hand to the bull­whip. Pain con­certs com­posed to come along. Safe­ty for life and limb is nat­u­ral­ly guaranteed. 
  • The sta­bles in whose manege I draw away your human­i­ty and keep and feed you like an ani­mal. Walk­ing with you, let­ting you fetch sticks, let­ting you mate on com­mand. No mat­ter whether you are stroked after­wards or led to the slaughterhouse. 
  • The lit­tle red one. The envi­ron­ment to gen­tly intro­duce any shy or inse­cure new­com­er to the big wide world of BDSM. Because every­one who is still inex­pe­ri­enced deserves a warm guid­ing hand that will lead him to his hap­pi­ness. So that he can dive into this won­der­ful world com­plete­ly relaxed. 
  • The wet area. The place for all kinds of mess­es. You are degrad­ed to a human toi­let brush and lick the toi­let clean. Or you will become my per­son­al toi­let your­self, so that you can use your mouth and body as a uri­nal, toi­let or toi­let paper. That way you real­ly sat­is­fy all my low­est needs. 
  • The dojo. Here you, me and a lot of rope close­ly entwined all kinds of bondage and rope arts. Restrict­ing the body to expand the per­cep­tion of it. Find relax­ation in motion­less­ness. And if you’re already tied up, of course this lets you take full advan­tage of it. 
  • The wrestling are­na. In the sweaty and hon­or­able Play­fight I lay you soft­ly or hard on the mat. Close body con­tact. Exhaust­ing until you drop. Stran­gle­hold and leg scis­sors until you knock off. And then it’s: To the win­ner the booty. You are the prey. 

So much to give a rough insight. But every­thing can be com­bined freely. Where and how we play depends of course always on our pref­er­ences. The only lim­it is our imag­i­na­tion. But I can act every­where and hold all pow­er even with­out a throne. But you can also con­sult me in advance about the choice of hotel and learn about spe­cial rooms and insid­er tips that are not in the guidebook. 
Stu­dio Lux Tem­pel­hofer Damm 145 & Ring­bahn­str. 64
Stu­dio Tar­tarus Schmil­janstrasse 28
Stu­dio Aval­on Zitadel­len­weg 20 e
 á trOiS
Want more? I enjoy the com­par­a­tive­ly har­mo­nious rela­tion­ship with my col­leagues in Berlin and am hap­py to bring them along if nec­es­sary. Whether it should be the CoTop, thanks to which you are real­ly stuffed every­where and have four hands at once, which stim­u­late you into ecsta­sy. Or the lit­tle sweet ser­vant who car­ries out my orders on you and holds your hand while I stand behind you. Or the lady at my side, who once again inten­sive­ly explains to you why I am the alpha being and can only laugh at you in com­par­i­son. I also have the cor­re­spond­ing TS- or TV-sis­ter in my phone book. So what­ev­er else you desire besides me or what­ev­er you always want­ed to try out, it is most like­ly well con­nect­ed to me. And if you want to bring some­one along your­self, they can kneel next to you or sit next to me. I also like to play with cou­ples and enrich their sex life a lit­tle bit. 
As a spe­cial­ist for sex and Kink, I expe­ri­ence breath­tak­ing bed­time sto­ries with you. And when we’re done with the prac­tice, I’m hap­py to sup­port you with con­ver­sa­tion and exper­tise on the the­o­ry. Whether it’s just about talk­ing shop among like-mind­ed peo­ple or about ques­tions such as: “How do I deal with my fetish­es?”, “Am I actu­al­ly sick?”, “How do I get in touch with the scene?”, “How do I intro­duce my part­ner to my pref­er­ences?” or “What else can you do? If you want to talk about wor­ries and prob­lems like your own shame, inse­cu­ri­ties, social resent­ments about our fetish­es or what­ev­er is both­er­ing you and get­ting in your way. The empow­er­ment to do what you want and deserve, with­out being stopped by big­otry, is some­thing I’m always hap­py to give you in buck­ets, in high dos­es and last­ing. I also have a lot to share in terms of applied gen­der the­o­ry. Male eman­ci­pa­tion is a great vol­un­tary com­mit­ment of mine in which I like to let every­one par­tic­i­pate and ben­e­fit. Some­times it is not only enough to do it, but it can also be very lib­er­at­ing and heal­ing to just talk about it. In this sense I have to offer besides sex and fetish also brain and heart. 
For those who want to go real­ly deep, I work togeth­er with select­ed sex-pos­i­tive and kink-friend­ly sex­u­al con­sul­tants and Sex­u­log­i­cal­Body­Work­ers from Berlin. In dual sex­u­al accom­pa­ni­ment we help every­one the­o­ret­i­cal­ly and prac­ti­cal­ly to find hap­pi­ness in their own sex­u­al life. But often a lit­tle chat with me can be very inspir­ing. So if you want to talk as well as play, we also like to talk about this and that from our worlds. 
DOnt wOr­ry
BE kInky
No mat­ter how sadis­tic and dom­i­nant I play, at the bot­tom of my black soul I am a very car­ing and pro­tec­tive char­ac­ter. I have the high­est respect for every per­son who sur­ren­ders and sub­or­di­nates him­self to me. There­fore I would nev­er do any­thing to some­one that they could not enjoy. I have a con­ver­sa­tion at eye lev­el with every­one and who­ev­er wants to, can also get to know the per­son behind the mon­ster. I also like to give after­care if nec­es­sary and always have an open ear for all wor­ries and fears you might have. 
Today I am one of the most eman­ci­pat­ed and expe­ri­enced fetishists in Berlin, but many years ago I was also a com­plete begin­ner. I know how it is to be afraid when you try some­thing new for the first time. I know the inse­cu­ri­ty you can feel before a date. I know how it feels to be ashamed of your sex­u­al­i­ty. And I have nev­er for­got­ten what it means to be begin­ner, shy or inse­cure. So if you have such or oth­er con­cerns, share them with me. I will take them away from you as best I can so that you can enjoy me with a clear head and a hap­py heart. And if you have nev­er done what you will expe­ri­ence with me, that is no prob­lem at all. On the con­trary: I like to take care of begin­ners, even find them very sweet and treat you exact­ly the way you need to. 
So don’t be afraid of me and relax, tell me what’s going on inside you and I’ll make sure you’ll be fine..

safe, sane &
S.S.C.: Trans­lat­ed this means: “safe­ty con­scious, com­mon sense and con­sen­su­al”. The first prin­ci­ple for rea­son and good man­ners in SM, which dis­tin­guish­es con­fi­dants from ama­teur dic­ta­tors, which is also sacred to me. I also adhere to med­ical stan­dards if nec­es­sary. I also know and mas­ter the tools and weapons I use. Even with demand­ing prac­tices, I know what I am doing. 
But I also know my lim­its. And get to know your lim­its before our game starts and I do when we play it. “Safe” also means Safer­Sex. Just as much as I have to guar­an­tee my clean­li­ness, there are no unclean prac­tices. Any­one who puts life and limb into my hands can be sure that I will deal with it sen­si­bly in the end. I am not going to break a toy. About every­thing else can be discussed. 
My wild goings-on are legal­ly reg­is­tered, per­mit­ted under the Pros­ti­tu­tion Pro­tec­tion Act and are car­ried out prop­er­ly. Nev­er­the­less, absolute dis­cre­tion is the high­est com­mand of my guild and is also respect­ed by me. You can show off with me or I will always remain your secret. I col­lect as lit­tle per­son­al data as pos­si­ble and treat them confidentially. 
I nei­ther need nor like fid­dling around with fid­dling men­tal­i­ties and dubi­ous busi­ness prac­tices. There­fore you behave just as decent­ly. You are hon­est, punc­tu­al, fresh­ly show­ered and accept my rules and prices. That’s all I expect from you. But I do not accept less either. 
You can reach me by phone, SMS, What­sApp, Telegram, Sig­nal, Skype or Three­ma: 0162 83 29 814, by mail under mail@lucienlafayette.top or via the fol­low­ing con­tact form: 
cya, eat ya..